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7 Days Rwanda Uganda Gorilla Safari

It begins with gorilla trailing in Volcanoes national park in Rwanda, continues with crossing Uganda’s border to trail gorillas in

Bwindi impenetrable Forest national park and ends with a game viewing safari in Lake Mburo national park.

Day 1: Arrival for Rwanda Safaris

We will welcome you in Entebbe and take you to your hotel for a night.

Day 2: Transfer to Kigali

Following an early morning breakfast get on themove to Kigali-Ruhengeri. Once you reach your destination you will have dinner

and spend the night at Kinigi Guest House (FB)as you prepare for the morning tour.

Day 3: Gorilla tracking in the Virunga

After breakfast, transfer to the park headquarters inKinigi for a briefing after which you will start trekking gorillas in the Volcano

national park at 8.30 am. It will take youanywhere from 2 to 6 hours to encounter the mountain gorillas.You will then be allowed

tophotographthe gorillas and interact with them for 1 hour. Have dinner and an spend the night at Kinigi Guest House (FB).

Day 4: Rwanda - Uganda Tour

After breakfastyou will get on the road to Uganda’s Bwindi Impenetrable National Park through the Kigezi Highlands (Switzerland

of Africa). After resting and having lunch, take a community walk to the native animist Pygmies (the Batwa people) whose cultural

performances will usher you in a great deal of excitement.

Dinner and night at Gorilla Resort Camp (High-end), Lake Kitandara Camp (Mid range) or Basic Buhoma community bandas. The

choice is yours !

Day 5: Gorilla Tracking in Bwindi

Following an early breakfast, you will go for a briefing at the park headquarters in Buhoma before trailing the gorillas at 8.30 am.

 An hour to a full day will be taken to encounter the gorillas in the forest depending on their movement. Gorilla trailing in Bwindi is

the highlight of a Uganda safari. Our wildlife tour experience is incomparable. Dine and spend the night at Gorilla Resort Camp

(High-end), Lake Kitandara Camp (Mid range) or Basic Buhoma community bandas.

Day 6: Day tour at Lake Mburo National park

Following breakfast, drive to Lake Mburo national park with lunch en route in Mbarara town. Start with an hour of daylight game

drive along the lakeshore trail."Kigambara Loop" presents exciting guided lakeside walks with game trails and cleared


walkways.Youwill spotCape buffalos, herds of zebras, elands, topisandoribis during your walk. Bird watchers may have more than


250 bird species to enjoy including the carruther'scisticolas, papyrus gonoleks,the extraordinary white-winged warbler,bare-faced

go-away bird and brown-faced lapwings. Dine and spend thenightat Mantana Tented Camp / Mihingo Lodge or Rwonyo Rest


Day 7: Game drive in Lake Mburo national park

After breakfast follow the eastern hinterland of Lake Mburo with its network of game paths along with a variety of savanna animals

and birds. Get on the Ruroko pathway with its kopjes rock which ishome to the klipspringers. After passing Lyantonde,you will take

a break at the Equator for handicrafts and photography and then spend thenight in Kampala in the hotel of your choice.

Day 8: Kampala City Tour

After breakfast,one can get a tour of Kampala city and visit famous places such as the Kasubi tombs, Buganda Kabaka’s (king’s)

Palace, Kabaka's lake, Iteso cultural dance near Kasubi,Namugongo martyrs shrine, Uganda Museum, Makerere University, the

famous Bahai temple, Namirembe and Rubagago cathedral, Gaddafi & Kibuli mosques, craft shops such as Buganda road &

National theatre.

13 Days Uganda Rwanda Safari - Gorilla Tour, Uganda Safaris

DAY 1: Kampala to Murchison Falls National Park

After an early morning breakfast, ride northwards to Murchison via Budongo forest with a lunch stopover in Masindi. You will arrive

in the Albertine Rift valley at the top of the falls in the late afternoon when the Nile’s River looks impressive and especially

magnificent when it streams down in a thunderous growl, going from a kilometer wide river to becoming a 6 meter wide gorge. This

is the most powerful natural rush of water found anywhere in the world. You will then take a ferry to reach Paraa Safari Lodge for

dinner and night (FB).


DAY 2 : Game drive in Murchison Falls NP

You will have an early morning game drive on the northern bank. The delta area is blessed with a rich wildlife such as buffalo, lions,

hyenas, elephants, cape hartebeests, rothchild’s giraffes, bushbucks, bohor reedbucks, oribi, waterbucks, and even  leopards. Go

back to the lodge for a late breakfast and rest. Right after lunch, get on a boat cruise up the stream of the Victoria Nile and to the

base of the falls. You will see the wonderful crocodiles, hippos, elephants, waterbucks and Uganda kobs on this 17 kilometers

cruise. It is also set apart by its variety of bird species such as the pelican bee-eaters, Egyptian geese, hornbills, goliath herons,

the rare shoebill, stork kingfishers and cormorants. You will have dinner and spend your second night at Paraa Safari Lodge.


DAY 3 : Transfer to Kibale Forest National Park

After breakfast, pass through the Albertine Escarpment and the verdant countryside, traditional farms and homesteads for an

arrivaland late lunch in Fort Portal in the afternoon. Dinner and night at Ndali safari Lodge /Rwenzori View Guest House / Kanyaankyu Ecological Site / Sky Tree House (FB).

DAY 4 : Chimpanzee Tracking

After an early breakfast, drive to Kanyanchu, Kibale Park Headquarters, by 8.00 am for chimpanzee trailing. In addition to

chimps,Kibale forest is home to other primates including the red-tailed and grey-cheeked mangabeys,phoestes, blue and

red-colobuses. There are many beautiful birds’ species, butterflies and many small insects as well. A visit to Bigodi swamp

ecotourism site,given its astounding flora and fauna, will be worth it too. Return to the lodge for lunch and later on have dinner and

spend the night at Ndali safari Lodge/Rwenzori View Guest House/Kanyaankyu ecological site/Sky Tree House.

DAY 5 : Transfer to Queen Elizabeth national park

Take a 3 hour trip to Queen Elizabeth national park after an early morning breakfast. Your lunch will be taken at Mweya Safari

Lodge. Get on a cruise along the Kazinga Channel, between Lakes Edward and George. In addition to the vast diversity of the

landscape, the Channel offers a great number of waterbirds. Go back to Jacana safari Lodge and Mweya Safari Lodge for

your dinner and night.

: Wildlife Viewing in Queen Elizabeth National Park

Early in the morning you will get on a game drive in search of predators such as leopards, lions, jackals, and hyenas. Then return

to the lodge for breakfast and drive to Kyambura Game Reserve for more chimpanzees trailing and a walk in Maramagambo

forest. Dinner and night at Jacana safari Lodge /Mweya Safari Lodge (FB).

DAY 7 : Get to Bwindi via Ishashato see tree-climbing lions

Aftera daybreak cup of coffee,get on a game drive along Kasenyi trail and Queens mile along which you are bound to see extremely large elephants, leopards,cape buffalo, lions, warthogs, hyena, waterbucks,mangorose, and lots of many small animalsand birds species. After the game drive you will drive to Bwindi NP through Maramagambo and Ishasha sector hoping tosee the well-knowntree-climbing lions. You will reach Bwindi national park in the evening. Have dinner and spend the night atLake Kitandara tented Camp or Basic Buhoma community bandas(FB).

DAY 8 : Gorilla Tracking in BwindiImpenetrable National Park

After an early breakfast, you will take a packed lunch, have a briefing by the game guides at the park headquarters and start your

gorilla trail. Encountering the mountain gorillas in their natural environment takes between 2 to 9 hours and is the highlight of an

Africa exploration safari. You will only have 1 hour to scrutinize these calm lovely apes, take pictures and get acquainted to them.

You will have dinner and spend the second night at Lake Kitandara tented Camp/ basic Buhoma community bandas.

DAY 9 : Drive to Rwanda via Kibale highlands, 'the Switzerland of Africa'

After breakfast you will be taken to Rwanda via the glorious Kigezi highlands usually referred to as the ' Switzerland of Africa' and

across Uganda’s border to enter in Ruhengeri, Rwanda. You will spend the evening visiting the Burera and Ruhondo twin lakes on

a boat and interact with the local community. Dinner and night at luxury Volcanoes Rest Camp Rwanda or mid-range Gorilla Nest


DAY 10 : Gorilla tracking in Volcano national park

Most of the day will be spent trailing mountain gorillas in Volcano national park and in the afternoon cross back to Uganda and

spend your night at Lake Bunyonyi.

DAY 11 : Transfer to Lake Mburo

After breakfast, goto Lake Mburo National Park with lunch en route in Mbarara, and continue untilyou reach the park through

Nshara Gate. Have dinner and spend the night at Agip Motel or basic Rwonyo Rest Camp.

DAY 12 : Game Drive in Lake Mburo national park

After breakfast,get on a game drive. In some areas you may have a guided nature walk. The morning game drive will take you along the lakeshore trail through the “Kigambira Loop” that presents interesting guided lakeside walks. You willdefinitelysee herds of zebras, cape buffalos, oribis,topis and elands. There are 250 species such as the papyrus gonoleks, brown-faced lapwings,bare-faced go-away bird, the extraordinary white-winged warbler and carruther’scisticolas.Bird watchers will have a great adventure. After lunch you willdrive back to Kampalafor a night ,Speke Hotel or any other hotel of your choice.

DAY 13 : The Source of the Nile Adventure

After breakfast,let us take you to Jinja via Mabira forest to get to the Source of the Nile.We will drive to Bujagali Falls so you can

enjoy white water rafting and bungee jumping, and in the evening take a look at Jinja town while returning to Kampala.If you wish

to fly out of Uganda your guide or driver take you directly to Entebbe International Airport. If you are not ready yet, we can take you

to Lodge-Lweza for a night until a drive to the airport is more appropriate.


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