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1 Day Jinja Trip

After breakfast in your Kampala hotel go to Jinja through Lugazi which is a sugarcane town. Make a stopover at Ssezibwa Falls, the favorite place for resting and healing for the Kabakas (kings) of the Buganda Kingdom. People who believe in Buganda traditions still come to seek the old ways at this place. For any visitor, these falls will leave an unforgettable impression on your heart.

As you approach Mabira Forest you will come by some of the fast-food dispensers of roasted chicken and beef on sticks done the local way which are quite a delicacy. You will also see cassava and drinks. We will pull over and soon take a walk in the Mabira forest, one of the few rainforests in the central region of Uganda of which a part is now being cut down for power lines while another has been threatened to be given away to sugar companies.The plan has been on and off due to stiff resistance from opposition politicians and the electorate. There are over 312 lovely tree and plant species. The forest also has over 300 species of birds and over 218 butterflies species. You will also find different types of monkeys and other mammals in this forest. Walking underneath the covering of an African tropical rainforest is a mesmerizing experience as silence is only interrupted by the sound of a bird or the grumble of a monkey.

After getting back into the vehicle, go for lunch at the Sunset Hotel, a lovely restaurant balanced on a hill over the Nile serving very good chicken breast stuffed with spinach among other Ugandan, Chinese, Indian and Italian delicacies.

After lunch you will take a short ride to the source of the Nile, a good-lookingquietplace filled with palm trees andextraordinary tropical plants. And as you walk down the steps toward the Nile you will smell flowers.

As you stand by the Nile, you will hear the bubbling water, watch inhabitant fishermen throw their nets in the longest river of Africa -a river that flows from south to north towards the Mediterranean Sea. Historically, John Hanning Speke was the first westerner to discover the source of the Nile.You will take a boat to the definite source of the Nile and further on the lake where you will have a chance to take great pictures.

Then, drive to Jinja town, once the industrial capital of Uganda, but today a residential town filled with many old Indian styled structures. Many Indians lived here in the pre-Amin era, some of whom have come back to reclaim their old properties. However, Jinja is a multi-cultural town, dominated by native Basoga mixed up with Baganda, Banyankore,Bagwere, Basamya as well as other eastern tribes.

In Jinja, there are many shops along the main road and also places where you can buyUgandan crafts. AfterJinja town tour, you will drive to Bujagali Falls and see some rafters going down the falls in the late afternoon.

Return to Kampala in time for dinner at your hotel.

Entebbe Day Trip Safari

Entebbe was once the colonial capital of Uganda. It is the first town that welcomes any visitor who travels by airto Uganda. It is a quiet town cooled by breezes

from Lake Victoria. It has beach palm trees, a beautiful botanical garden, good hotels with beautiful views on the lake, white sand beaches and Uganda Wildlife

Preserve Zoo. In the morning we will pick you up at your hotel in Kampala and drive you to Entebbe. The first stop is a turn to the Botanical Gardens of

Entebbe.You will take a walk along lake Victoria beach and see some of the most incredible tropical plants one can find.This is the place where one of the first

Tarzan movies is rumored to have been filmed.There is a diversity of monkeys, birds and butterflies to be found there and you will spend a peaceful morning in a

peaceful place. Lunch is on the beach with shade provided by large palm trees. You may order a whole grilled tilapia, pizza, Indian dishes and a refreshing cool

drink. After lunch it is up the road in the Uganda Wildlife Education Center that you will see most of the resident species of Uganda. You will walk along the

various paths ending on the beach restaurant for refreshments before our drive back to Kampala.

Kampala Day Safari to Ngamba Chimpanzee Island

The island is located 23 km offshore from Entebbe. Being a forested island, it occupies a maximum size of 100 acres. It provides a safe haven for orphaned

chimpanzees that are free to roam on this magnificent island. It provides a unique chance for close viewing of chimpanzees in their natural environment.

Pre-arranged extra feeding times (11.00 am & 3.00 pm each day) bring the chimpanzees within meters of the walkway,particularly designed for touriststo watch

them and get excellent photographic opportunities.

Kampala City Tour

We will pick you up from your lodging place after breakfast and offer you a most motivating and eye-opening day in Kampala. Kampala is never standing still.

Some call it "The African city that never sleeps."

Kasubi Tombs: 

Unfortunately this UN heritage site burnt down in 2010 and is in the process of being restored. It was the largest

thatched grass building in the world and the tomb to several of the Buganda Kingdom Kabaka's (kings). We will put it back on our

list of places to visit in Kampala once it has been restored to its former glory.

Makerere University:

one of the most prominent Universities in Africa with a rich history and professors like Author Paul Theroux or Nugugu WA Thiongo who studied here. Students come not only from Uganda but from other African countries due to the quality of education.

Namirembe Cathedral: 

originally built in 1903 by Baganda craftsmen, this large grass thatched cathedral burnt down, struck down by lightning and it was replaced by the present structure. It is part of the Anglican Church of Uganda. However, in Uganda, unlike in the West, most Anglican churches are very evangelical.

Rubaga Catholic Cathedral: 

the oldest Catholic Cathedral in Uganda. Like Namirembe Cathedral, it overlooks the city and is a

large complex that takes in various functions of the church.

Kabaka's Lake: 

the largest man-built lake in Africa. Kabaka Mwanga had it built and it was supposed to extend all the way to Lake

Victoria as a means of escape for Kabaka Mwanga.

Baha'i Temple:

the only Baha'i Temple in Africa, situated in a beautiful park. Though there are not many adherents here in Uganda,

the park settings has become a refuge for many who simply want to sit on the grass and enjoy the peaceful setting.

Owino Market:

the largest 2nd hand clothing market in Africa. There is also Nakasero food and vegetable market and Taxi Park,

the hub of Kampala transport with hundreds of mini-vans jostling in and out.

Namugongo Martyr's Shrine: each June 3rd, the Catholic Church honors 22 catholic young men and other Anglicans who refused

the advances of Kabaka Mwanga and died for their faith and moral stance. It’s quite a moving place.

You will have lunch in the middle of the tour and 2 sodas or one beer are included in the price.

One Day Birding Safari around Kampala

Entebbe Birding: 

After breakfast at your hotel in Kampala, we will come to pick you up and take you on a wonderful day of birding in Uganda beginning at Entebbe Botanical

Gardens. You will love the beauty of the gardens trees, plants and flowers from all over Uganda, and even medicinal plants in plenty. Your guide will know both

the plants and the birds. At times it will look like you are in a jungle, at others you will be walking across manicured lawns.

Speaking of diversity,the Gardens will allow you to look birds such as Verreaux’s eagle owls, Jackson’s golden backed weavers, red chested sunbirds, vieillot’s

black weavers, African open billed storks, hamerkops, black headed herons, kingfishers, long tailed cormorants and many more. There are also beautiful

butterflies. You will see more birds on your lunch break along the waterfront of Lake Victoria which is the second largest lake in the world and the largest in

Africa. After lunch we will be off to Lutembe beachfor more birding. Then let us take you back to your hotel in Entebbe or Kampala or off for a late flight out of


Birding Safari in Mabamba Swamps

There is an hour ride over to Mabamba swamps and wetlands in search of the elusive shoebill stork.Take refreshments and a packed lunch along since we will be

spending most of the day in Mabamba. We will find birds like the grey headed gull, the elusive shoebill stork, white winged tern, yellow billed egret, Madagascar bee-eater, long toed plover and hopefully many others. We will first take a boat out into the swamp and then walk along some paths. It usually proves to be a

very fruitful day when it comes to birding and you may choose to spend one more fabulous day becoming acquainted with the many birds of Uganda.

We will drive back to Kampala in the late afternoon.

Birding near Kampala

Mabira Rainforest: 

Leave from your hotel in Kampala depart for Mabira rainforest which just one hour away.  Upon arrival we will check in at the Mabira Rainforest Lodge (other

budget accommodations can be arranged). Mabira Rainforest Lodge is a newly constructed, eco-friendly facility that you will find delightful.

We will be off to our first forest walk at Mabira rainforest. Light clothing, comfortable boots, a small backpack for water, camera and binoculars would be

helpful.There are 62 kilometers of trails throughout the park giving you a delightful variety of sights. You will be surprised as to what you can find so close to a

city like Kampala. A well trained guide will be with you to assist you by pointing out the birds, monkeys, plants and trees that you otherwise might miss. The

short introductory walk into the forest will be followed by lunch at the Mabira Rainforest Lodge.

Then you may enjoy a 3 hour walk through the forest depending on your physical abilities and stamina. You will see many birds, remember that a good 30% of

the birds found in Uganda are found here in Mabira Forest. There are also monkeys in abundance, butterflies, and simply the mysterious forest itself.

We will then take you back to Kampala to your hotel for a well-deserved rest.

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